The Macklin family has been providing complete automotive services to the community for 30+ years. Whether you need a quality pre-owned car with a national serviceable warranty, a mechanical repair on your current vehicle, or vehicle towed, the Macklin trusted name has you covered.  Come find out why we are the best in complete car care.

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Company History

Macklin Towing was incorporated in 2000, right here in Avon Park. We are local family owned and operated business and have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry serving Highlands County. The owner of the company, Richard Macklin is an Avon Park High School Graduate, certified wrecker operator and a Master ASE Certified Auto Repair Technician. We pride ourselves on honest and quality service at reasonable rates.

About Macklin Towing Service




Macklin Towing Service operators all go through  progressive training that is ongoing to meet the changes in the automotive industry. All of our wrecker operators undergo extensive background checks and attend continual industry approved and certified training to guarantee our customers experience the highest level of professional service. Our operators are nationally certified by Wreckmaster and/or the North American Towing Academy.


At Macklin Towing you always will speak to a trained employee of the company, not an answering service. Within minutes of your call, our knowledgeable dispatchers will send the right truck to your location operated by a trained professional operator. Our Light Duty Towing fleet includes both conventional tow trucks as well as flatbed tow trucks to ensure that the right equipment is used to deliver a damage-free experience.

Our fleet of Light Duty trucks are available 24/7 to safely transport any vehicle up to 10,000 lbs. With state-of-the-art towing equipment and professionally trained operators, we have all the right tools and experience to handle your vehicles, including motorcycles, with the utmost care. We have extensive experience in safely transporting all types of vehicles from high end to fleet. Whether you need your vehicle delivered for mechanical repair or to a body shop, we can assure you that it will arrive safely and on time.

Towing Services


No matter how well maintained or how old the vehicle, they are mechanical machines and subject to unexpected  failure that renders your vehicle inoperable or unsafe to drive requiring towing to a repair facility.


Stuck in the Florida sand, mud or even ditches. Our winching-service operators are equipped with the right equipment and training to pull you out of a jam any time.  


It’s frustrating to be locked out of your vehicle and locksmiths are expensive. Trying to get into your car without the right equipment can lead to wasted time and costly repairs. Macklin Towing is here to help. Our trucks are equipped with the most reliable automotive entry tools in the industry. Our trained technicians will help you get into your vehicle without hassle or damage.


When you’re away from home, the last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead battery. Macklin Towing has the right equipment and replacement parts or batteries to get you back on your way!


Changing a flat tire on the side of the road can be hard, not to mention very dangerous!


A vehicle that cannot be driven safely on the road following and accident can be towed to your desired location and covered by your insurance. Just ask your Law Enforcement Professional on scene for Macklin Towing as an owner’s request.

If you find yourself in any of these unpleasant situations, call Macklin Towing. Within minutes of your call, we’ll send the right truck to your location to provide assistance no matter where you are.


Parking Management

Does your property struggle with unregistered, abandoned and illegally parked vehicles? Tenants complaining of abandoned vehicles in their parking space? Take control of your parking area and partner with Macklin Towing.  

When unauthorized people park on your property or abandon their vehicle on your property we’ll remove the vehicle at no cost to you.  Florida State Law 715.07 grants property owners and managers this right. As your vehicle removal partner, our mission is to keep your property clear of nuisance vehicles that can affect your business and be a risk to the safety of your residents or guests. The solution is a phone call away at 863-453-2697 anytime, day or night. Macklin Towing is there to be your SOLUTION, not add to your property management parking headaches.

  • Removal of abandoned vehicles
  • Free No Parking Tow Away Signs
  • Quick Response Time
  • Live dispatch 24/7